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A QUICK Mindful Experiment




So, here's a mindful experiment that you can try out right away and it just requires you and a smidge of imagination.

Step one is to think about your hands and imagine that you're bringing them together so that they're touching.

Don't actually do this, this is just in your imagination.

As you're thinking about your hands, see if you can get a sense of what it would feel like for them to actually be touching.

Maybe imagine rubbing your palms together in a gentle, circular motion, and notice what you're imagining the sensations of that to be like.

Okay, now for step two. If you're holding on to anything, you might just want to pop it down for a second. This time, bringing your full attention to your hands, physically bring them together.

Notice what it's actually like. Even rub your palms together to get the full experience.

What do you notice is immediately different to how you imagined it to be to what it's actually really like.

It's a stark contrast, isn't it?

And it's a contrast that perfectly describes that difference between when we're up in our heads on autopilot, mistaking imagination for reality, and what it's like to be mindfully aware and present to what we're actually experiencing in the moment.

One of the many benefits of mindfulness is that it helps us to see and deal with things as they really are. Which is HUGE!!! It's simple but it takes practice and it takes guidance.

If this is something that you're interested in developing for yourself with the help of a really friendly experienced teacher, then take a look at the Mindfulness Based Resilience and Flourishing program.


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