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 Hi, I’m Paul 👋 !  I teach people how to transform their relationship with stress, while discovering authentic inner-happiness and wellbeing, using mindfulness practices inspired by Buddhist wisdom.

FREE 7 Day Mindful Meditation Course
FREE 7 Day Mindful Meditation Course


  • Is stress and struggle getting in the way of your happiness?
  • Is it hard to ‘switch off’ because you’ve always got a lot on your mind?
  • Do you ever feel you’re reacting your way through life?
  • Do you wish you could take things less seriously; feeling more at ease, calm and connected?
  • Do you suspect it’s possible to live a more joyful life, but you’re not sure how or where to start?

8 Week MBSR Programme (Online)

Join me for the next MBSR training. This is the internationally recognised, evidenced-based programme that has helped thousands of people to reduce stress, manage pain, and enjoy life more.

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I offer a variety of mindfulness courses to meet a wide range of interests and needs, from taster and introductory sessions to ‘deep dive’ programmes. Click to browse the public and corporate courses available.

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Want to expand your knowledge of mindfulness and mediation practice? I regularly write and record educational blog posts to help you deepen your understanding of all things mindful. Available in text and audio formats.

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What Even Is Mindfulness?

If you're new to the world of mindfulness, you are likely to have some questions:
  • What exactly is mindfulness?
  • Why is it so helpful?
  • How does it work?
Listen to Paul's introductory talk to find some answers (7mins) 
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Hi, I'm Paul.

I'm a professional mindfulness teacher and personal development coach.

I guide people, from all walks of life, toward living with less stress and greater happiness, by making mindfulness and mediation part of their daily lives. 

Having spent 15 years facilitating hundreds of personal development workshops around the world, I have found the practice of mindfulness to be the most reliable, impactful and sustainable approach for mental and emotional resiliency.

My primary objective is to make mindfulness and meditation feel normal and accessible for anyone wanting to start their own practice.

My promise is to always teach in a practical, straightforward and friendly way.

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I post regularly on all things mindful, from meditation advice to exercises for day-to-day mindfulness.

All posts offer a choice of audio and text formats.

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Jul 06, 2022

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Anyone (yes, even you) can learn how to live with less stress, more happiness and greater purpose.
Let me show you how to make mindfulness and meditation feel as normal as putting on your socks. No 'new-age' weirdness. Just straight-forward guidance and support.
FREE 7 Day Mindful Meditation Course