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The Missing Link in Leadership and Team Development. 

Having spent 18+ years as a leadership development coach and facilitator, working with thousands of busy professionals, across multiple industries and regions, I've come to know that mindfulness is not only essential for our wellbeing...

It's a vital leadership quality that paths the way for businesses and teams to collaborate and thrive.

I've taught all kinds of professional development skills, frameworks, models, mindsets, tools, and theories. But time and again, the difference that makes the difference is when the acquired skill and knowledge is applied from a place of high self-awareness, emotional maturity, and wise discernment.

This, of course, is a lot harder to do when talented people feel overwhelmed, stressed and depleted.

This is the reason I now specialise in helping leaders and employees support themselves, and each other, through learning and appyling mindfulness based skills and approaches.

Through 1-2-1 executive mindfulness coaching, group trainings, events, and keynotes, I provide expert tuition and support that is relevant, relatable, easy to follow, and deeply practical.

But above all, it makes a huge positive difference to the mental and emotional wellbeing of leaders and employees, supporting high performance, collaboration and communication, leading to better business outcomes.

Workplace Mindfulness Leads To…

  • Reduction in stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Prevention of burnout*
  • Increased employee wellbeing
  • Decrease in employee absence and associated cost
  • Higher productivity
  • Better communication
  • Better decision making
  • More inclusive leadership
  • Greater collaboration, creativity and innovation
  • Cultures that supports mental health and wellbeing

 * In conjunction with other workplace factors inc. wellbeing policies, internal support and resources. 

Extensive research by The Mindfulness Initiative highlights the links between workplace mindfulness training and the benefits listed here. Here is the report, including case studies.

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1-2-1 Executive Mindfulness Coaching

How it works:

  • Weekly 1hr 1-2-1¬†sessions (online)
  • Personalised tuition in mindfulness and meditation practices
  • Coaching & mentoring for¬†applying mindfulness¬†to¬†your specific context and need
  • Turning practice into action with relevant on-the-job ‚Äėapplication‚Äô¬†
  • All resources provided for practicing between sessions (inc. personal meditation recordings)
  • Email / text support between sessions


From £1600

Packages: 8 week, 12 week, 6 month, 1 year

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If you’re a leader who wants to inspire others to high performance, while increasing your own wellbeing and personal effectiveness, executive mindfulness coaching could be exactly the support you need.


Typical Benefits and Outcomes:

  • Personalised mindfulness tuition
  • Nurturing your wellbeing while balancing the demands of the job
  • Being less stressed and better¬†able to switch off
  • Greater ability to respond wisely to challenges and difficulties, rather than reacting
  • Improving your ability to focus and¬†being less distractible
  • Being¬†more present and attentive for your team, peers, clients, and other stakeholders
  • Inspiring others with clear, authentic and considerate communication
  • Fostering greater trust and engagement through deep, empathetic listening
  • Remaining calm under pressure
  • Staying connected to what‚Äôs truly important, not just what‚Äôs urgent
  • Having a deeper understanding of others and their intrinsic motivations and needs
  • Demonstrating greater empathy and compassion for yourself and those you lead
  • Being a role model of¬†solution-focused and resilient behaviour
  • Helping to foster a culture of wellbeing¬†within your organisation
  • Creating healthy boundaries¬†between your work and home life
  • More harmony in both professional and personal relationships
  • Finding more joy and purpose in and out of work

"The rollercoaster of work and life is a much easier ride with mindfulness practice.¬†Your 1:1 sessions have helped me enormously. Forever grateful ūüôŹ" - Heidi

The Mindful Leader (Group Programme)

How it works:

  • 6 x weekly 2hr¬†sessions (online)
  • Includes expert¬†tuition in mindfulness and meditation practices, facilitated¬†discussion, breakout exercises, and personal reflections.
  • Turning practice into action with relevant on-the-job ‚Äėapplication‚Äô¬†
  • All resources provided for practicing between sessions (inc. meditation recordings and exercise guides)
  • Optional: 1-2-1 coaching session per participant, mid or post programme
  • Max 10 Participants



This programme can be adjusted in length to meet the needs of your business (min 4 weeks)

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A 6-Week training for cultivating self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and resilience in leaders. Participants will learn skills rooted in mindfulness, fostering a deep understanding of their own thought patterns and behaviours to enhance decision-making and interpersonal relationships. Through experiential learning and guided reflection, leaders will emerge equipped to navigate complexities with clarity, compassion, and a heightened sense of purpose.


Benefits and Outcomes:

  • Enhanced self-awareness leading to better understanding of personal strengths and areas for growth.
  • Improved emotional regulation and resilience in the face of challenges.
  • Increased focus and clarity in decision-making processes.
  • Strengthened communication skills, leading to more effective leadership and team collaboration.
  • Reduced stress levels and improved overall well-being.
  • Cultivation of a compassionate leadership style, fostering trust and loyalty among team members.
  • Greater ability to inspire and motivate others through authentic leadership presence.

"I found the weekly sessions with Paul very enlightening. He really helped me to enhance my focus, wellbeing and awareness. I learned a lot through the approach to meditation and Paul’s empathic, caring style helped me to look forward to the consistent daily practise. I highly recommend working with Paul if you want to learn more about yourself and the benefits of living and leading mindfully." - Darryl

Mindfulness For Teams

Sessions / Events / Talks

“It was great. Paul is a fabulous facilitator and made everyone feel supported throughout the day. One of the best training courses I’ve ever attended.”

"Simply brilliant. The way Paul did every session was very impressive. He created a very open and safe environment in which we all dared to step out of our comfort zones."

“What a fantastic session! I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Paul was a wonderful trainer and kept us engaged throughout.”

Example Topics

Introduction To Mindfulness

Unlock Your A-Game (The Mindful Route To Peak Performance)

The Mindful Leader

Mindful Communication

Mindfulness for Stress Reduction

Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Resilience

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Live Events & Workshops

  • Engaging keynote talks for conferences & off-sites
  • Conference breakout sessions
  • 1 hour taster sessions
  • Half or full-day training
  • Multi-day workshops
  • On-going mindfulness initiatives
  • 1 to 1 mindfulness coaching

Virtual Sessions

With many businesses now operating hybrid working structures and with travel restrictions in place, high-quality learning opportunities have found a new home online.

I have a great deal of experience in delivering virtual sessions that are as engaging and impactful as face-to-face events. All of the training, speaking and coaching services I offer are fully customisable to suit any virtual platform. 

Like the sound of mindfulness but put off by the idea of meditation?

It’s totally understandable. There are many myths surrounding meditation that can be off-putting for busy leaders and professionals.

Watch this video¬†‚ě°ÔłŹ to learn¬†why meditation may be a more viable option for you than you might¬†have thought.



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