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Mindfulness-Based Resilience & Flourishing



Master life-enhancing resilience and flourishing skills in this unique programme combining core teachings from Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction / Cognitive Therapy, Positive Psychology, and secular Buddhist wisdom.


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I’m excited to announce that enrolment is now open to join me for this 12 week journey, starting on 6th April.

This isn’t a typical mindfulness training.

It is specifically for you if you really want to experience for yourself the stress relieving results that mindfulness is famous for, AND if you also want to take it a step FURTHER and learn how the key Buddhist insights, from which mindfulness derives, can support you in living a happier, richer, more fulfilling, more meaningful life.


  • Stress, anxiety, or physical or emotion pain is stopping you from enjoying life the way you want to
  • Perhaps you wish you could treat yourself with more kindness and be less self-critical
  • Maybe you want to be present for family and friends, but find it hard to ‘switch-off’ even when the busyness has stopped
  • Or maybe you’re tired of never feeling truly satisfied, despite working so hard to get the things you want.

These are just a few examples, but…

IMAGINE if you could find a way practice cultivating genuine, authentic inner-happiness AND be able to face WHATEVER comes into your life with greater ease.

Well, that’s exactly what the Mindfulness-Based Resilience & Flourishing programme is here to help you with.


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It’s designed to support and guide you in 3 ways: 


1. The Best of Modern Mindfulness

 It teaches the core component mindfulness-based stress reduction and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. This means you receive the same level of evidence-based tuition that has been internationally recognised as the gold standard of mindfulness training for over 40 years.


2. Secular Buddhist wisdom

By reconnecting mindfulness to its Buddhist origins, MBRF teaches you there are many positive consequences and benefits to mindfulness that go beyond ‘stress reduction’. By learning the key, practical elements of Buddhist philosophy you’ll start to practice seeing and engaging with your life in a new and wonderfully rich way.


3. Positive Psychology (science of happiness)

Modern neuroscience and psychological research continues the uncover truth about what makes human beings authentically happy, and out of this comes proven, actionable strategies for increasing wellbeing, life satisfaction and general flourishing.

 It just so happens that they perfectly complement mindfulness and Buddhist philosophy. Therefore, MBRF incorporates the ‘science of happiness and human flourishing’, alongside traditional mindful methods that have supported human growth for millennia.

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